A universal plug socket... at last?

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Fri Jun 1 14:42:15 CDT 2012

There are apparently 47 different types of standard mains electricity connector in the European Union. Under EU regulations, no policy decision may favour one country over the others. Hence, for over 25 years, there has been an EU committee charged (excuse the pun) and paid to agree a 48th design that is deliberately incompatible with its 47 predecessors. Since it is almost certain that no law will ever be enacted to enforce the use of a common mains connector (even in the EU), this committee has been effectively completely unproductive even by EU standards.

I have never seen so much as a sketch of the 48th design (I presume there must be one by now), but I bet it has at least seven pins, each of a different length and diameter or shape. If it was up to me, each connection point would be fully compatible with a bare wire and a matchstick, just like the good old days when nobody ever got seriously electrocuted.

Anyway, in another ten years, unlimited fusion power will be transmitted wirelessly, so no connectors will be required.

Phil M1GWZ

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> ** A universal plug socket... at last? **
> Three pins. Two pins. Slanting pins. Straight. Circular. Could the days when every region has its own type of electric plug could be ending, asks Peter Day?
> < http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18266022 >
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