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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Jun 2 20:46:34 CDT 2012


This is to advise you of a possible change of dress code for those of 
us   --the lucky ones--  who get to sample the famed Tacos Experience on 
a regular basis.

So far, the dress code was   --shall we say--   "California Casual",  
with some member actually going through their well-appointed wardrobe to 
select, for the occasion, a tee-shirt with large acid-stains, of with 
Taco sauce droppings dating back to   --at least--  the previous 
Saturday's repast.

But this may change soon.
Indeed, today 02 June, shock, and even dismay, assailed most of us as we 
contemplated Frank Gentges, K0BRA, appearing clad in dress-trousers (and 
matching suspenders), a dress shirt with studs and patent-leather shoes.

Rumors  (i.e., "The Tacos Buzz") around the tables at noon, included the 
possibility that this was a "/coup d'état/" staged by Franck, for the 
purpose of forcing all of us to adhere to a new dress-code in the near 
Some grumbling, (resentment?) was even heard from several 
representatives of the Working Class, at the lower end of the table.

Watch this space where additional details will be posted as soon as 

 From our special Correspondent, LIVE in Northern Virginia.

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