Subject: A universal plug socket... at last?

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The last data center that I built about 5 ago was all 220V downstream from the UPS systems into all of the equipment cabinets.  The savings due to I^2*R losses in all the distribution wiring was noticeable.  And copper is expensive!  As noted pretty much all the equipment have switching power supplies that can handle it with no problem.  We just had to order 220V remotely-controllable power strips with IEC "sockets" and hundreds of IEC power "extension cables" to connect the equipment.


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> I think we are pretty much there.  I think everything I have bought since about 2000 will run on 90-250 VAC and don't care much about the frequency.  In fact, my Apple stuff -- laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPods, and the soon to be acquired iPad -- will run on high-Voltage DC.
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>> Subject: A universal plug socket... at last?
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>> ** A universal plug socket... at last? **
>> Three pins. Two pins. Slanting pins. Straight. Circular. Could the days
>> when every region has its own type of electric plug could be ending,
>> asks Peter Day?
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