Secrets of Volcano Lightning Probed During Alaska Eruption

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Mon Jun 4 15:53:15 CDT 2012


As we learn to sense things at a distance we learn more and more.

Here, we have learned details on the volcano.  Not a good place to visit 
and we might get struck with lightning and our HTs might suffer a QRN 
blackout.  All while we are trying to avoid getting cooked or hit with 
flying rocks.

Meantime, our cosmologist buddies have instruments that now are telling 
us the black hole at the center of the milky way is an even more 
unfriendly place to visit.  We could find ourselves sucked into a 
singularity of no return and again, our HTs would not work.  This time 
the RF waves would get sucked into the singularity.  Sorry OM, negative 

Finally, we find we are now on a collision course with the Andromeda 
galaxy. At least that will be a few years in the future so we can kick 
that can down the road for awhile.

Phooey, I think I  will put on my tuxedo back on and go hit some rocks 
together as hi tech entertainment.

Frank K0BRA

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