Video adds complexity

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Thu Jun 7 13:42:14 CDT 2012

I did a good deal of work on my 7hp BMW marine diesel yesterday. I'm 
making a banjo bolt for the fuel system. I got 28 minutes of raw video 
of me doing the lathe work. I'm not finished yet, but I think I'll get 
it edited down to a three part series (8 minutes each). I'm trying to 
develop techniques for making videos of machine work. Setting up the 
shots and lighting ain't too hard, but getting room for me to turn the 
handles and not block the shot takes a bit of trail and error. I've got 
some ideas for fixtures for the lathe so I can get better angles. 
Machining takes a bit of concentration so you don't mess up the work or 
worse lop off a body part. Also I try to keep the camera from getting 
smashed! Thank goodness for coffee! I should have the series on Youtube 
in a week or so.

Normally I stick to making how to do it or fix it videos, but I 
occasionally wonder into political commentary.

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