IEEE Sepctrum of June 7, 2012: About Stuxnet

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Thu Jun 7 15:39:11 CDT 2012

*The Public Policy Debate Over Unleashing the Dogs of Cyberwar 

At the end of May, the Flame virus, suspected to be a weapon in a 
heretofore undeclared cyberwar, was discovered by computer security 
experts. Barely a week later, the U.S. government acknowledged 
responsibility for the Stuxnet worm, another sophisticated piece of 
malware that was discovered in 2010. Stuxnet's principal aim: to deal a 
significant blow to Iran's uranium enrichment program. This revelation 
has led to the inevitable question of whether engaging in a coordinated 
program of cyberattacks will serve as an open invitation to others to do 
the same. And will it undermine any complaints the U.S. has against 
others, especially China, for similar attacks against U.S. businesses 
or government organizations? In an article in /ComputerWorld/, for 
example, several security experts concluded that the United States, 
having kicked off its cover of plausible deniability, has "painted a 
huge target on [its] back."
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