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Along with my (working) IMSAI and two Altairs, I still have my “Xerpro”, a home-made Kaypro-like portable computer, based on the Xerox 820 board.  I was using it in DC to simulate digipeaters, and other stuff.  It probably still boots, but I haven’t powered it up in a couple of years.  I also have extra 820 boards, and a bunch of S-100 boards of all types.

Long live CP/M!!

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Those of you who have followed our experiments for many, many years, may recall that we used to buy second-hand Xerox-820 boards. Here is what Wikipedia says of those 820-II, and programed in CP/M

The Xerox 820-II followed in 1982, featuring a Z80A processor clocked at 4.0 MHz. Pricing started at $3000.[1]

Wow, $3 K in those days (the early 1980s )

André N4ICK

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