The Xerox-820

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Jun 8 20:22:02 CDT 2012

On 6/8/2012 19:14 PM, Terry Fox wrote:
> Along with my (working) IMSAI and two Altairs, I still have my 
> “Xerpro”, a home-made Kaypro-like portable computer, based on the 
> Xerox 820 board.  I was using it in DC to simulate digipeaters, and 
> other stuff.  It probably still boots, but I haven’t powered it up in 
> a couple of years.  I also have extra 820 boards, and a bunch of S-100 
> boards of all types.
> Long live CP/M!!
> Terry

You may remember that I too built a CP/M machine which I called the 
Xerloot, also with a floppy drive (which could read both sides of a 5 
1/4 diskette, if you punched the diskette at the right place  :-)
I still have it, I think, somewhere in our basement.

What I liked about CP/M was that if you wrote some code and made an 
error, the Editor would come back   --sometimes--   with the comment 
"/what ?/"

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