The Xerox-820

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Yes,the good old days indeed. :-)
André N4ICK

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> On 6/9/2012 12:13 AM, andre kesteloot wrote:
>> Those of you who have followed our experiments for many, many years, may recall that we used to buy 
>> second-hand Xerox-820 boards. Here is what Wikipedia says of those 820-II, and programed in CP/M
> Do I recall correctly in saying that the so-called "Big Board" kit was a derivation from the Xerox 820 ?
> Here in Italy a Big Board PCB was bought by a local ham, then he split in the thickness dimension the
> PCB, photocopied the two halves, made from the copies two masters, and produced a limited series
> of the original PCB, which he sold for the cost to local hams and friends.
> I have one complemented with two Seagate 8 inches floppy drives, still working.  Well, I guess it's still working....
> Last time I powered it up was almost 15 years go....
> I used on it CP/M 3.0, with the BIOS modified (by me) for a sector size of 1024 bytes, instead of the original 256,
> and this increased a lot the capacity of each disk.   ... and made them incompatible with the rest of the world....  :-)
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD
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