anti-static bench mats

Joseph Bento joseph at
Mon Jun 11 21:00:32 CDT 2012

Just a generic $18 blue-colored mat from the local electronics shop is 
all I've ever used.  It's grounded via a banana plug to the 3rd prong of 
an unused outlet. Jab it with the multimeter probes and it has a few 
10's of megohms worth of conductivity.

Joe, N6DGY

On 6/11/2012 4:42 AM, Mike ODELL wrote:
> equipping new bench and was astonished by the dynamic range
> in price of benchtop ESD mats. I understand wanting a dispersive
> top (layer) but there are numerous claim of voodoo an magic fairy dust
> to justify a 10x range in price. feels a bit like the nosebleed audio world where
> where objective impact on performance focuses more on wallet extraction
> than signal extraction. (grin)
> so what do people use for ESD mat and where did you buy it?
>         -mo
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