anti-static bench mats

Chip Fetrow tacos at
Mon Jun 11 21:26:52 CDT 2012

Formica is not bad.  It is not conductive, but it won't generate any  

Touch a big piece of metal first, or something grounded, and go for it.

Better yet, use a wrist strap.

Formica, or any other laminate, or even wood is not a problem.

The carpet is likely a problem, especially if it is synthetic or wool.


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> Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 09:10:48 -0400
> From: Mike O'Dell <mo at>
> Subject: Re: anti-static bench mats
> new basement is not damp nor shall it be any time soon
> further, bench has a formica, er, "Laminate" top and there
> is carpet nearby. not optimal, but then few things are.
>   -mo

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