Michio Kaku on Easier Ways of Telepathy

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Fri Jun 15 11:08:27 CDT 2012

Methinks Kaku was having a bit of fun with the whole "telepathy" thing.

replacing one utterly impossible explanation with another possibly simpler
explanation which is still utterly impossible in our lifetime *is* simpler,
but i know he understands the degree of difficulty of what he suggests.

what was missing from the video was where he was pushing is tongue
all the way through his cheek.


On 6/15/12 11:01 AM, Alberto di Bene wrote:
> On 6/14/12 1:14 PM, Karl W4KRL wrote:
>> /Michio Kaku reminds us that we have a pretty neat hobby. Let's hope 
>> he never hears 80m side-band./
> I saw a few times that joker on Discovery Channel....  he call himself 
> a Theoretical Physicist.... maybe he really obtained
> such degree somewhere...  but after having watched two or three of his 
> transmissions, I was tempted to tear in pieces
> my Physics degree....  I don't want to belong to the same league where 
> he is....
> 73  Alberto  I2PHD
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