Field Day in Charleston

Terry Fox tfox at
Mon Jun 25 14:57:22 CDT 2012

I went to field day again this year, along with Mel and a few of his friends from various Charleston clubs.  After some last-minute discussion, we ended up using the callsign K4AOC, from one of the guys here.  We had two stations, one for SSB (inside the nice air-conditioned building), and my K3/P3 in a tent for CW.  It was hot and somewhat buggy in the tent.

Me and I worked the CW station, I did the overnight shift (11PM-7AM).  We operated either 20 or 40.  If I remember correctly, we ended up with about 422 CW contacts and 415 phone.  I could have done more if I had my old CW skills, but I only use CW a couple times a year lately.

I did work a couple large groups stations in the DC area, I wonder if we worked any of you guys at one of those outings?
Terry, WB4JFI
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