Selling some stuff

Terry Fox tfox at
Fri Jun 29 23:38:38 CDT 2012

Hey guys.  I am going to sell a few things shortly.  Most of these had been tested last January and found working, although I have not tested every feature of every device.  Included are:
1.  Ten-Tec RX-320, with the official AMRAD LF mod done by Frank.  Manual, AC adaptor, & cables, but no box.
2.  Flex 1500, with original box, manual, and MH-31 microphone.  Software downloadable from Flex.
3.  Icom IC-720 HF rig, with IC-PS15 power supply.  Original boxes, microphone, DC cable, manual, and service manual.  Pretty heavy to ship.

I may have other stuff shortly as well.  I’m still checking each piece out.
Terry, WB4JFI
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