AC power line question

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Sun Jul 1 12:15:28 CDT 2012

Wish we had those here.  It is obvious where the breaks are this time but
in an ice storm it usually isn't.  We are burning diesel now for water,
lights, fridges and fans.

On Jul 1, 2012 11:27 AM, "Phil" <philmt59 at> wrote:

> > Two questions, what does it mean when the LEDs are blinking and how do
> you power an led on a box hanging on a 13KV line that looks like it could
> handle several hundred Amps.
> >     Sandy
> >     WB5MMB
> >
> Via a very big resistor?
> Just heard of the power outages and storm damage. I hope everyone is okay
> - I understand it's pretty hot out there at the moment too. Fingers crossed
> for you guys over here.
> Phil M1GWZ
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