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Hello - 

My Icom-7000 "All Band" & "All Mode" transceiver comes from the factory with a very good voice synthesizer specifically designed to aid people reliant on sound vs sight. 

It "speaks" our the settings as you push the buttons, thereby telling the operator in plain audible voices what the operating frequency and other settings are.  

The Icom-7000 operates on all bands - 160M all the way up to 440 MHz, using FM, AM, CW, SSB etc.  

With a rig like this, the ham operator in question will have access to much more than just 2M FM - indeed, he will have access to the entire world via Ham Radio.

Also, something else to consider - hooking up a modern transceiver to a computer via CAT or CI-V control will allow the sight challenged to use "large/huge fonts" and magnified screen text and images.  This potentially makes sighted operation possible - being able to control the radio by mouse click on a highly magnified computer monitor screen may be a good alternative to reliance on voice and audio recognition.  Having both voice synthesis and CAT/CI-V computer assisted visually enhanced control may greatly increase the value of Ham Radio to the operator.

     Terry McCarty
    3t3 at comcast.net

Bob Bruninga wrote:

>The Kenwood D700 and D710 series of dual band radios have voice syntehsizers just to aid the handicapped.  It speaks the settings and the frequency...
>Bob, WB4APR
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>>    Hi John,
>>    So nice to hear from you.
>>    I'm distributing your email to our members in the
>>    hope that someone will be able to assist you.
>>    I'm asking those VWS members who might be able to
>>    assist John to keep me in the loop so that I can
>>    monitor the situation. I'd very much like John to
>>    be able to become active on 2-meters with our
>>    assistance.
>>    73,
>>    Ray, kj4cnn
>>    .
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>>    Hello Mr. Anderson,
>>    My name is John Bailey (KC4BQI) and I am trying to
>>    get back on the air after several years away. I
>>    would like to get onto 2m. However, I am nearly
>>    blind and the latest 2m gear is all digital and is
>>    nearly impossible for a blind person to operate.
>>    I used to have an old 1970's Clegg 2m base station
>>    that had knobs to turn to set the frequency. And,
>>    this works very well for someone who cannot read
>>    the frequency.
>>    My question is, do you know of any vintage rigs
>>    like this one? Or, would it be possible to put an
>>    ad in your club's newsletter asking if anyone had
>>    a pre-digital 2m transceiver in the garage that
>>    they wanted to sell?
>>    Thank you,
>>    John Bailey
>>    KC4BQI
>>    703.994.2040
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