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I'm coming up on 4 days now, and am burning around 7.5gallons/day of road
taxed fuel.  That's in the vicinity of $110 here.  More than I'd pay for 4
days of electricity, but still less than the value of the food in the
fridge, not to mention the value of not carting the family around to stay
elsewhere, collect clothes, etc.

For reference I'm burning less than half what my buddy with his 6kw
gasoline genset is burning, and I'm loaded higher.

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> At one time I maintained a 50 kW (100 kW circular polarization) FM that
> had a 50 kW generator.  The Transmitter Power Output was about 22.5 to 25
> kW (I just don't recall the exact number) and we ran a closed HVAC system,
> with two AC units to cool the transmitter.  This put the total load just
> under 50 kW of three phase 208 Volt power.
> We had a 50 kW diesel stand-by rated motor-alternator.
> We had a huge power outage for two weeks.  The power co-op and the station
> communicated hourly.  I spoke with them every few hours.  I expressed my
> concern that if we lose the generator, they loose the only radio station
> that covered their footprint.  I was very concerned about fuel.  I could
> not get the fuel companies to deliver because the roads were so unsafe, not
> to mention our long driveway.
> I went to several Wal-Marts and bought a bunch of five gallon fuel cans.
>  I bought road taxed fuel and kept it running for two weeks.  The co-op
> said they had trailers with 250 to 500 gallon fuel tanks on them and they
> could bring one out if we got to be in a real bind.  Unlike the fuel
> trucks, the trailers don't have long hoses, so we would have had to cut the
> fence.
> The co-op called the announcer who put on the air that everyone was back
> up.  I walked into the studio and the remote control told me otherwise.
> I phoned them and they were embarrassed.  They got us back up in a couple
> hours.
> However, and this is the point of my story, the road taxed fuel, and the
> maintenance visit for a stand-by unit that ran too long, cost less than
> half what power normally cost from the co-op for two weeks.
> --chip
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>> Wish we had those here.  It is obvious where the breaks are this time but
>> in an ice storm it usually isn't.  We are burning diesel now for water,
>> lights, fridges and fans.
>> Tad
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