AC power line question

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Wed Jul 4 15:54:12 CDT 2012

"Bob Bruninga " <bruninga at> writes:

>> However, and this is the point of my story, 
>> the road taxed fuel, and the maintenance visit 
>> for a stand-by unit that ran too long, cost less
>> than half what power normally cost from the 
>> co-op for two weeks.
> Interesting.  That does not seem possible.  Our experience is about
> 10 times worse.
> We have found that the typical home generator can only generate
> about 4 or 5 kwh per gallon.  At $3.60 cents a gallon, that is at

Did you miss the parts where Chip said he was running a 50kw
transmitter (which probably won't run so well off your "typical home
generator", which runs off of gas, not diesel, anyway)?

He also hasn't worked in the broadcast industry for in excess of 15
years.  As you are well aware the cost of diesel and cost of grid
electricity has not stayed in lockstep in these last years.


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