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This looks really interesting, especially the presentation by Bob Sullivan, about the restoration of Amateur equipment 
I am plaining to be at these meetings, although it is quite a drive from Manassas.  Does anyone know the best way from Manassas to the Dolley Madison Library?  I would assume it to be: Rt 66 to Rt 495 to Rt 123 to Ingleside ave, and then to Oak Ridge ave.
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Thursday, July 12, 7:30 PM Dolley Madison Library,
McLean, VA. GREEN ALERT. Bring your priceless ham radio items for
recycling and exchange with others. Any one person should limit items to
the size of one attache case. Items may include but are not limited to
hand-helds, laptops, components, cables, connectors, semi-completed
projects, tools and radio/electronics books. 

Thursday, August 9, 7:30 PM Dolley Madison Library, McLean, VA.
Bob Sullivan, W0YVA, will make a presentation on restoration of amateur
radio equipment. See:

Also, this is to advise you that the July-August AMRAD Newsletter will be
a little late this time due to production scheduling.

Paul, W4RI
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