A Skeptic looks at Alternative Energy

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 5 21:33:26 CDT 2012

> He sounds to me like someone who knows a bit 
> about energy systems, economics and history.

Yes, but don't you see?  All he does is make self promotionmal negativism about solar and wind and their optomistically underestimated costs but then he does not offer one single alternative solution to the global problems of continued reliance on dwindling fossil fuels.

What is the point of complaining about he cost of solar and wind if you don't have an alternative?  What everyone needs to learn from this is that there are no cheap solutions as we run out of fossil fuels.  SO we are either going to pay more now, or pay a LOT MORE later.

Sticking our heads in the sand and doing nothing but burn-baby-burn-more-carbon (since the shooting end game will come in the next generation) is not something I want to leave to my kids.  Though some will say the shooting has already begun...

>At 02:21 PM 7/5/2012, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> > Subject: A Skeptic looks at Alternative Energy
>> >
>> >
>>Another typical head-in-the-sand neo-conservative 
>>paid by the gas lobby,just whining and complaining, 
>>but offering no solutions other than fracking
>>our water to eventually non human supportable, and 
>>simply switching our non-sustainable oil addiction 
>>to another limited resource...
>>To quote John Kennedy,
>>"We choose to go to the moon..., not because [it is]
>>easy, but because [it is] hard ..."
>>And just because it is hard AND expensive to transition
>>from our dwindling and ruinous fossil fuel addiction 
>>is no reason not to keep going towards renewables.
>>And we have got to do it sooner rather than later.
>>Bob, Wb4APR

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