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I’m not sure if this went through.  I got a bounce back, but I’m not sure if it was from Tacos, or Bill’s email.  Anyway, here we go again.

BTW Bill, both the Xilinx and Altera FPGA software development packages take up a LOT of hard drive space.  They both have free versions, and both have some free Intellectual Property (IP) available.  Another place to look at FPGA cores is www.opencores.org.  Including several soft processors.

Did you really send your original email on May 13?  I got it on July 5.
73, Terry, WB4JFI

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Subject: Re: FPGA

Hello there Bill.  I have played a little bit with the Xilinx FPGAs, primarily using the Digilent Nexys2 board.  It’s not the cheapest, but it seems to work fine.  I also have a few other Xilinx FPGA dev boards.  The Xilinx FPGA tools seem to be OK with either Verilog or VHDL.  I use Verilog.  Most SDR development also uses Verilog, while FPGA arcade games and others seem to use VHDL.

A lot of SDR developers use the Altera FPGAs.  There are several dev boards available for them.  I’m not as familiar with the Altera tools, but have used them to some extent.

I can write more later, but need to get ready for bed, it’s 246am.

I’m just learning as well, mostly self-taught with a few books.  It would be nice to have someone here that is an FPGA expert to help us along.  I’ve seen the occasional message about FPGA usage here that seemed to be from someone in the know, but haven’t seen anything more yet.  Hint hint.
73, Terry, WB4JFI
tfox at knology.net

From: Bill Koch 
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 9:57 AM
To: tacos at amrad.org 
Subject: FPGA

  I am a relatively new member and would like to build systems with FPGA. I see there are a few main vendors providing development boards/kits. I would like your recommendation as to what would be a good package to buy that I could first learn and then continue to build and use. I am not have no problem learning something a bit more complex during the learning stage as long as in the end it is the best system to use and build upon.


Thank you in advance for your collective incite and guidance.


Bill Koch

W3LU at arrl.net



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