The twin Paradox

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at
Sun Jul 8 14:42:53 CDT 2012

There once was a swordsman named Fisk,
whose fencing was agile, and brisk.
So fast was his action, that Fitzgerald Contraction
diminished his sword to a disk!

Speaking of disks.  A disk is rotating at some number of RPM, relative 
to the disk player that is playing it.  If we assume that the disk is 
stationary and the universe revolves around it, those distant stars must 
be moving around pretty fast.  This is still true, although to a lesser 
degree, if we assume that the disk and the universe revolve at equal and 
opposite rates.

And the equivalence of gravitation and accelerating expansion gets 
confusing, when one thinks of an orbit.

Something funny is going on.

    Bob, WA3WDR

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