Phi PCIe SDR transceiver card

Robert Stratton bob at
Mon Jul 9 22:08:38 CDT 2012

Apologies if you've seen this before. A friend just introduced me to this one called "Phi." The specs are interesting:

8Gbps, low latency, PCIe x4 bus	
Up to 200MHz bandwidth
Fully integrated, full duplex, RF frontend	
100kHz - 4GHz range SDR
Dual, 12 bit, 125 MSPS ADC	
Dual channel, 16 bit, 250 MSPS DAC
Direct conversion quadrature transceiver	
Digital down/up conversion on FPGA
20MHz, 0.28ppm, reference TCXO	
Altera Cyclone IV EP4CGX22C FPGA
Linux drivers available	
Includes GnuRadio interface

Apparently it's $750.

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