Marine Corps Marathon volunteer registration is open

Tom Azlin N4ZPT tom at
Wed Jul 18 11:20:03 CDT 2012


describes who is needed and a link to the direct registration page 
within the MCM web site.

We are asking for 136 operators. We put hams at the aid stations, mile 
markers, half mile markers on the second half of the course, at food 
stops, at water points and the check in location. We have hams that 
shadow the division commanders, hams at the Arlington and DC fire/ems 
command vehicles, and net control ( off the course and accessible during 
the race).

New hams with HTs only can fit in to some of the positions or be 
assigned to a team with a fully equipped volunteer. Aid station hams 
MUST have far more complex portable higher power gear to handle 9600 
baud packet and 128kbaud DD data ( and know how to set up). Hams who 
have experience running traffic or emergency nets are sought for the NCS 

Goal is to have everyone registered by mid August so we can assign 
volunteers to the different teams by 1 Sept. Main teams are the Race A 
and B, the shadows, the aid stations.

Please consider this and sign up. Is a rewarding event and we hams are 
the eyes and ears on the course for the medics. A critical role. IN past 
years 3G cell phones have been jammed due to the crowds, so we hams 
provide the robust connections.

thanks and 73, tom n4zpt
aid station team lead

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