Lessons From Recent Power Outages

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Wed Jul 18 21:56:51 CDT 2012

Andre Kesteloot <andre.kesteloot at verizon.net> writes:

> true, but I was quoting again the report on their failure in June,
> when they found overheating fans and improperly wired breakers .
> That shows very poor engineering design and implementation, and
> obviously, no prior testing.
> Incompetence.

Business model does not support paying the salaries that competent
people demand.

What you're looking at is the datacenter equivalent of buying
bargain-basement tools that were thrown together in the Third World
from some random dude at Dayton.  They might actually work.  Then
again the caps might be mislabeled and the contacts on the connectors
might be made out of old water pipes rather than phosphor bronze.

As offensive as you and I might find this level of fecklessness and
ineptitude, we are not in the majority.


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