garage full of radios that must GO!

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3. garage full of radios that must GO!
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     Date: Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:56 am ((PDT))

I've met a guy named Bobby that lives not far from me
who took a stab at collecting radios about 20 years
ago. Now he has a garage full of radios, cabinets and
parts sets that need to go now. He's expecting an antique
car to arrive any day now and the radios are in the way
and need to GO.
Here's a web page I built with photos that he sent me of
the stuff in the garage.

There are email buttons on the
web page that you can click on and send him a message if you
see anything you might want or need. I think yo'll find that
the price will be right, if not free, just come get'em.

73, RON w4ron
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