'Free' UPS units

Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 17:42:04 CDT 2012

As you know I'm pals with the people at the Batteries Plus dealer in Fairfax.

Found out something interesting.
They take in dead UPS units for recycling.

Seems they will also give away the units if you buy a new battery from them.

Saturday when I went there with a new AMRAD member I found out about this.
Walked out with three of the same kind of UPS. 

A Tripp Lite BC 350.


Prices are all over the dial. 

I was able to buy a replacement battery for about $30.

The two that I restored work just fine.
The batteries charge. 

The inverters crank.
Just to keep it sane, I removed the 'beeper' out of them, who wants to hear that racket.

Then the thought dawned on me.

How hard would it be to convert one of these to a vehicle/campsite power inverter?

Share a thought.


Michael F. Chisena
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