Fuses ratings

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
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Last Saturday, at Tacos, part of the technical discussion was focused on 
short circuit-protection and electrical fuse ratings.
I remarked that a 1 amp fuse would not normally melt while passing a DC 
current of one amp.

Here are the data for a medium delay fuse: 
*CooperBussman* states
at current rating  -> opening time
100%                            none
135%                            60 minutes max
200%                            120 seconds max

For a slow-blow ceramic fuse, *Littlefuse*  offers
100%                             4 hours max
135%                            60 minutes max
200%                            120 seconds max

Time vs current characteristics are usually of the type shown in 

André N4ICK

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