so how was the hamfest?

Nan and Sandy Sanders radiodog77 at
Mon Jul 30 18:24:09 CDT 2012

I went to the steam and gas engine show at Berryville and will go to 
the hamfest there next Sunday. Question, why cant we get funnel cakes 
at the hamfest? Also there was more than one 100+ year old engine 
there running and at least one did not need any electricity for the 
ignition system. I wonder how many of our current machines will still 
be working in 2112.

At 02:49 PM 7/29/2012, Mike ODELL wrote:
>last night I went to bed intending to get up and
>go squeeze the cabbages.
>however, Advanced Sloth triumphed when the alarm went off this morning.
>I wanted to be there and look around, but I didn't feel sufficiently
>motivated to expend the effort to *go*.  I realize that is lame lame lame,
>but it is the awful truth. go all that way, walk around in the sun,
>and then not find anything worthy of taking home as The New Shiny?
>yup, that's sloth.
>      -mo
>one more deadly sin checked off the bucket list!
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