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Sat Aug 4 10:28:08 CDT 2012

Sadly my plan to establish a computer museum and reference library in the basement of my house has to be scrapped:  :-)

Does anyone have any interest at all in the following items? Otherwise they are destined for the Fairfax computer recycling yard on August 26:

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Franklin Ace 1200, with keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Macintosh SE with keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer.

Digital AlphaStation 600 series. (several, both 266MHz and 333MHz units) 
Running the Digital 21164 64-bit Advanced RISC processor. Various units have OS/2, Digital Unix, or Windows NT-for-Alpha installed. 

I also have a stack of AT-style hardware, cases, keyboards, power supplies, and NEC 4FG monitors in various states of cannibalization. I'll assume no interest unless someone contacts me for details.

A quantity of UPS devices, with batteries removed. ( One 200W device and approx four 500W devices I believe: Let me know if you have any interest).

I must also dispose of my collection of software and manuals. From the era of DRDOS 5.0/ MSDOS 6.22 / Windows 3.11 / Procomm Plus / Crosstalk, etc etc. Shout if you want me to look for something specific.

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Iain  KI4HLV   (equipment located in Vienna VA)
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