Geomagnetic Observatory

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Tue Aug 14 10:46:40 CDT 2012

There is a really nice article in EDN Analog on building a geomagnetic 
observatory.  It is based on a proton procession magnetometer.  If you 
want to build a sensitive observatory of the earth's magnetic field this 
is a good article on constructing one.

Why would you want one?  One use is to get a real time read of solar 
storms and can cue you to look for radio propagation effects and perhaps 
some rare stations you might work.

Unlike most overview articles, this one has much detail on actually 
building the magnetometer as well a discussion on how it works.  This 
could be a good winter project when it it too cold to spend a bunch of 
time outdoors.  The author has a picture of the sensor out in the snow.


Frank K0BRA

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