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Wed Aug 15 10:11:28 CDT 2012

Glad to hear you're feeling better Terry.

I just got my Rasberry Pi up and running Rasberian.   The distro is more
bare bones than I was expecting.  I am planning on starting simple and
blinking LEDs with it.  I hear there is redesigned version coming that has
better IO and some other features.  I've been looking for info on things
like which pins have PWM and how to control.  I'm not sure how much of this
information is going to be made available due to NDAs between Broadcom and
Rasberrry Pi Foundation.

There is going to be Rasberry PI road show in September.  It'll be at HacDC
on Sept 26.  I think there will be a NOVA presentation and I'll post that
information ASAP.  I'll check to see if Charleston is planned.

I've been tinkering with HSMM.   I've been looking at some simple voice
chat/conference applications.  There are several older one that would be
great if they ran on more than XP.  I got Mumble ( running but there doesn't appear to be any
way to turn off AES encryption so I don't think it's suitable for ham use.
 Yawcam is simple to set up for web cam sharing.


Martin, KB3UJQ

On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 5:08 PM, Terry Fox <tfox at> wrote:

>   Hello there tacoistas.  My recent bout with bad bronchitis is fading
> into the past, and I’m once more able to concentrate on something more
> sophisticated than breathing.
> I have various projects that I was wondering what others might be doing
> similar stuff.
> 1.  Anyone doing stuff with the Raspberry Pi?  I still have two on order
> from Allied, but took a chance and ordered a third from Newark on Aug.8.
> It showed as backordered, but the Pi was at my front door on Aug.13.  So, I
> have one here, but no power supply (not a fan of using the new oddball
> mini-USB connector for 5V @ 750ma or more).  I have a couple of projects in
> mind, starting with SDR control, then possibly as a device to suck in
> analog I/Q samples and making them available over the local LAN.  I see
> John Melton has two Pis running, one as the SDR server, the other as a
> thin-client SDR back end.  He overclocks the Pis to 1GHz to achieve
> sustained throughput.
> The Pi has two things going for it: 1) more powerful processor than the
> Arduino; 2) you can run Linux on it.  Of course, that second one is a
> double-edged sword!
> 2.  I am also interested in using wifi with Arduinos.  I have several
> different Arduino things going on, and want to try wifi to remove the
> wires.  I have a Wifly shield from Sparkfun, and a LinkSprite(?) shield
> from ebay, but haven’t gotten far in doing anything with them yet.
> 3.  Anybody doing anything with the hsmm-mesh stuff?  I'm interested in
> both the range capabilities, and running any actual useful apps on top of
> the mesh – in other words using a mesh network to do something useful.  Mel
> and I both have a few nodes each now, and are making plans to attempt to
> cross the Ashley River, the distance between us is about 1 mile.  A few
> trees and one house are in the way, I may be able to bounce off the side of
> a different house.  I’ve tried a free Windows video conference program
> (VideoNet), but cannot get it to reliably work.  Apparently, Win7 has
> problems with it, and using XP is flaky here as well.
> 4.  I’m still playing mostly with SDRs, and SDR-related stuff.  I finally
> built my SDR-Widget and got it mostly running.  Maybe I’m thick, but I am
> having problems figuring out what firmware to run with what Windows
> drivers.  To me, that project needs some serious organization, which I
> think it is finally getting.
> That’s it for the moment.
> 73, Terry, WB4JFI
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