Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Telecommunications

Louis Mamakos louie at
Thu Aug 23 20:22:33 CDT 2012

Here's an interesting document describing the communications relay capability in the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, used as a relay for Curiosity and other Mars missions.  The UHF links to the ground, er, Mars are in ~437MHz and 400MHz band.  While we might share the same frequencies, they're using something a bit more efficient than 1200bps AFSK FM modulated AX.25 on the RF links :-)

This paper references other documents in the series that also look like some interesting reading:

Previously Published Articles in This Series

Article 1—“Mars Global Surveyor Telecommunications” Jim Taylor, Kar-Ming Cheung, and Chao-Jen Wong

Article 2—“Deep Space 1 Telecommunications”
Jim Taylor, Michela Muñoz Fernández, Ana I. Bolea Alamañac, and Kar-Ming Cheung

Article 3—“Cassini Orbiter/Huygens Probe Telecommunications” Jim Taylor, Laura Sakamoto, and Chao-Jen Wong

Article 4—“Voyager Telecommunications” Roger Ludwig and Jim Taylor

Article 5—“Galileo Telecommunications” Jim Taylor, Kar-Ming Cheung, and Dongae Seo

Article 6—“Odyssey Telecommunications” Andre Makovsky, Andrea Barbieri, and Ramona Tung

Article 7—“Deep Space 1 Navigation: Extended Missions” Brian Kennedy, Shyam Bhaskaran, J. Edmund Riedel, and Mike Wang

Article 8—“Deep Space 1 Navigation: Primary Mission”
Brian Kennedy, J. Edmund Riedel, Shyam Bhaskaran, Shailen Desai, Don Han, Tim McElrath, George Null, Mark Ryne, Steve Synnott, Mike Wang, and Robert Werner

Article 9—“Deep Impact Flyby and Impactor Telecommunications” Jim Taylor and David Hansen

Article 10—“Mars Exploration Rover Telecommunications”
Jim Taylor, Andre Makovsky, Andrea Barbieri, Ramona Tung, Polly Estabrook, and A. Gail Thomas

Article 11—“Mars Exploration Rover Navigation” Louis A. D’Amario


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