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Ever heard of the 'maker movement'.  

People are taking an interest in building their own devices.
Electronic, mechanical, all manners of creativity expressed in physical articles.

Over the last year or so Martin has been telling me about a place where people can go and build things.
His shop is called Hack DC. 

Have not been there yet.

Not everybody owns, can afford, or house the tools they would like. 

Some things simply can't be used in an apartment. 

Noise, fumes, dust do not make for happy neighbors.

Got tipped off by Martin a couple of weeks ago about a new place in Reston.
It's called Nova Labs.

Had the chance to pay the place a visit.
Like an idiot I failed to bring a camera.
Second trip I was permitted to take  as many photos as I could.

This article is a very rough draft of what they have and can do.

Reminds me of a frat house for high tech nerds.

It's not just a shop, there are classes on how to safely use the tools.

There is the interaction between creative people on how to make things better.

Nova labs is simply cool.

Please give the links a look at.
Go pay them a visit.

If I ask I'm sure they would love to have a bunch of AMRAD guys over for a get acquainted session.

They also can 'use stuff'. 

On the web site is an open list of things they need. If you can, consider making a donation.

Mike Chisena


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