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Mike O'Dell mo at
Sun Sep 16 20:51:21 CDT 2012

Precisely sir, preeeee-cisely.

it *is* gibberish, even to those of us who were there at the invention of
the particular un-natural acts which underlie "email" as we know it today.

further, i submit that rather than you being "dumb and getting dumber",
the technology is becoming more and more baroque and is now well
into the "rococo" stage of evolving into oblivion.


PS - if you type    define:rococo       into Google,
the images you will see are absolutely priceless,
one very much in particular. maybe NSFW????

On 9/16/12 10:56 AM, Richard O'Neill wrote:
> On 9/16/2012 10:51 AM, Mike O'Dell wrote:
>> Bla, bla, bla, bla, ..... "Carl& Jerry"
>  Yep, I remember Carl & Jerry and have experimented with ignition 
> coils and wire across file transmitters but HTML and all that other 
> stuff you wrote about is gibberish to me. I can do email and surf the 
> web but that's about all I care to learn about 'puters. When I have a 
> question about their function I ask Frank (K0BRA) or some geeky person 
> (like my younger wife) for assistance. After 70+ years, why get 
> headaches over it now, so far my methods have worked ok for me. :-D
> Dumb and Getting Dumber,
> Me
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