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Chip Fetrow tacos at
Sun Sep 16 22:30:33 CDT 2012

HMMMMM.  I'm on the digest, so maybe it is different for those who are  

What I get is a message that states, "An HTML attachment was scrubbed...
URL: < 

If I click on the link, I get gibberish that is very difficult to get  
the content of the original message, though this one was not so bad;

<ht ml>
<b ody>
<fo nt size=3><b >Thursday, September13, 7:30 PM</ b> Dolley Madison
Library, McLean, VA. John Donaldson, AB8YZ, will tell us about some
applications of HSMM-MESH (tm)," a high speed, self discovering,
self configuring, fault-tolerant, wireless computer network". More
info on
<a h ref="ht tp://" eu dora="auto url">htt p://hsm m-</a>
<b >October 14</ b> is the deadline for articles for the Nov-Dec 2012  
Newsletter. Please email your articles to editor
prinaldo at<br><br>
Paul <b r>
</f ont></bod y>
</ht ml>

(I inserted spaces in the HTML commands so they will be less likely to  
be read properly and become an easiiy read message.)

Maybe my message came off as harsh, it wasn't intended that way.  It  
isn't that I am opposed to HTML in mail, though I will never  
understand the utility of it in most cases, it is just that the  
messages don't render properly.  I do get HTML from some companies,  
Frontsight Firearms Training, and B&H Photo as examples, and I  
understand why they send HTML, they are trying to sell something and  
want pretty graphics and pictures.  On the other hand, they could just  
send text and web links and that would be just as effective.  The  
_New_York_Times_ and the _Washington_Post_ both offer that as an  
option.  The default is HTML mail, but they allowed me to select plain  
text.  I prefer it.

Another message, and good and detailed one, summed up a lot of the  
situation and part of the cause of the problem. One thing that I  
disagree with is the difficulty of turning off the sending of HTML.

It was very easy on my first Mac to turn off HTML globally.  I can  
send plain text or MIME.

I was forced to use a Micro$oft Exchange mail server for a while.  I  
used both Apple's Mail client, badly named "Mail" and Entourage on the  
OS X side.  On the Windoz partition on my Mac I could use Outlook.   
Frankly, I don't recall quite what was involved, but I don't recall it  
being difficult.  I no longer am forced to have Windoz on my Mac, so  
it is long gone.

Again, no offense intended to anyone, but if the reflector isn't going  
to properly handle HTML mail, then it would be best to not send it HTML.


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