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Ours Departed a few days ago and are dearly missed.

They are aggressive little critters when it comes to protecting their
feeding spot and I enjoy watching what I call the feeding game.  We have
several feeders here and you would figure one bird could use one feeder
while the other bird used the second.  Nupe! One bird will interrupt his
turn at the feeder to run the other bird off at the other feeder.

They really do resemble a WWII dogfight on occasions as they are very quick
and agile.

Well, I guess it's not that long until next spring and the return of the
dogfights.  Good Lord be willing and we will be here to welcome their

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  Two days ago a lone female hummingbird departed my yard for warmer 
places. Days earlier her mate had been hogging the feeder for a week or 
so and left ahead of her. She stayed around a few more days stocking up 
before her trip.

  I already miss those amazing creatures and wish I could follow. Oh 
well, beautiful Autumn weather ahead - while it lasts. :-)


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