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Chip Fetrow tacos at
Thu Sep 20 01:11:31 CDT 2012

While I appreciate your apology, that was not my point.

My point is SIMPLE!

Either people stop sending HTML mail to the re-mailer/reflector OR the  
re-mailer/reflector pass them in such a way they may be read.  That is  

HOWEVER, my choice would be no HTML in mail.

I'm sorry I didn't see you writing that I am a Luddite.  Since I  
didn't, no offense accepted.

I am not trying to stop progress.  I just want everything to work.  It  
really is not working now.  I get these really hard to impossible to  
read messages.  Today I got one I really could not figure out.  Tell  
me how that advances the ideals of AMRAD?  It doesn't.

I see three ways this can go:

The list can reflect HTML.  I think this would be bad.

It can stay the way it is.  I think this is bad because no one can  
read those "Plain Text HTML" web pages.

Finally, each and very HTML message can be bounced to the sender,  
forcing them to re-format each and every stupid message and re-send it  
to the list.

I am on MANY broadcast list that does exactly that.  Messages that  
have HTML or are too long, or have too much "quoted" material are  
bounced.  It makes the list much better, and easier to read.

Frankly, I am done trying to read those HTML messages on this list  
that are pushed over to the web page.  It is never going to happen.  I  
am SURE other people have given up too.


From: 	mo at
Subject: 	Re: Meeting reminder
Date: 	September 19, 2012 5:50:10 PM EDT
To: 	tacos at
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On Sep 19, 2012, at 5:50 PM, Mike O'Dell wrote:

> No, I'm not calling you a Luddite - those are people
> who sabotage progress to keep everyone frozen in time.
> You are not sabotaging everything. You are asking that
> things not be any more complex than necessary. That is
> in fact a completely rational request, if possibly a plaintive cry
> drowned out by the roar of earthmovers leveling the neighborhood
> in the name of "progress".

> I think we are very much alike! I still use MH, mail software
> that I first adopted in 1981 and have used ever since
> in spite of its quaint inadequacies in the face of "progress"
> like HTML email and MIME. why? because it works the way i
> want email to work! with MH there is no "mail" program. Instead
> there are a handful of little commands used at the command line
> to do everything with email. one can even write shell scripts
> to do things with email - imagine that! but the creeping crapitude
> of the modern email world makes it harder and harder to hold out.
> i'm using MH right this instant, in fact, although i'm using it
> via MHE, an emacs package that uses MH to manipulate messages
> and provides a more powerful interface that's more efficient
> for handling a lot of email, even if it brings a whole new meaning
> to "obscure".
> So no, Chris, I had absolutely no intention to offend!
> My deepest appologies!
> I was poking a bit of fun at the people responsible for
> the mess, very much including myself.
> Peace?
> 	-mo

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