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Thu Sep 20 08:01:21 CDT 2012

An example of when HTML is absolutely needed....
A couple of evening ago I was able to receive the Japanese standard station JJY
at 40kHz with just a random piece of wire and the Perseus receiver.
This is a screen grab of the reception :

The morning after conditions were still better, and this is how the signal did look,
now the single 1 second pulses are visible :

Could I have sent a plain text message with attachments ? Yes, but this would have
been less effective as a mean of communication, where embedding the images
just in the point of the message where they are referred to, is much more pleasant
and effective than using formats dating back to the prehistory of the Computer Science.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

P.S.  Those reading this message in a digest form should have no problems, as
Thunderbird allows to send messages both in HTML and plain text, simultaneously.
If everybody used this simple trick, there would be less complaints, I guess.

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