test email from my iPad

WB4JFI wb4jfi at knology.net
Thu Sep 20 12:27:09 CDT 2012

Here is a test message from my iPad to see how things are encoded.

I also did an interesting test this morning.  I went back to my original "offending" email (as received from tacos), and copy/pasted the message from my mail client to Window Notepad.  I saw just the plain text, no HTML or anything untoward.

I then right-clicked on it, opened up properties, and something within properties that shows the raw data.  There was my message in plain text, no HTML  But, below the plain-text version was ANOTHER copy of my whole message but in HTML.  THe whole message, including the parts that I typed in, not pasted from the previous email.

Paul's email may be different, as his shows an attachment in my email client, while my email does not show any attachment.

Right now I am using the simple Microsoft Windows Live Mail client that came with Windows 7.  I have used Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Thunderbird, and one other that I can't remember.  Finding "paste special" is a little difficult with the newer non-menu menus...

I am gone much of the day, but this warrants further investigation.

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