Chip Fetrow tacos at
Thu Sep 20 22:57:47 CDT 2012

It isn't the client, it is the way the list deals with HTML.

My client is the unfortunately named "Mail" by Apple.  It deals with  
HTML mail just fine.  I see the pictures you sent me just fine.

HOWEVER, when HTML mail hits the list server, the HTML is stripped,  
and it is posted to the web site and can be reached.  Please go back  
through the messages as I really don't think anyone wishes me to  
rehash it here.



On Sep 20, 2012, at 9:46 AM, Jeff Scaparra wrote:

> Chip,
> Out of curiousity what email client are you using? I know even a lot  
> of the terminal based linux email clients can deal with HTML if you  
> pass them the right config. Maybe there is something we can do to  
> help you see the messages in a more human readable format.
> Jeff

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