Blu-Ray support in new Nero SW

wb4jfi at wb4jfi at
Sat Sep 22 16:01:06 CDT 2012

I have been pinged a couple of times by Nero that they have a new version of 
their software, which now includes Blu-Ray support.  Either they are behind 
the times and catching up, or this is a technological breakthrough, and I'm 
trying to figure out which...

Nowhere in the Nero information does it say that a Blu-Ray drive is required 
to play Blu-Ray movies.  So, are they just now catching up with the many 
other players that have offered Blu-Ray support for at least 3+ years, or 
have they found a way to play Blu-Ray discs with a standard DVD drive?

My first reaction is that playing Blu-Ray discs (with the much tighter 
encoded data designed for a blue-wavelength laser) cannot be read by a 
normal (red diode) DVD drive.  Violations of basics physics still apply 
here...  But, do some/many DVD drives now have blue lasers, and they aren't 
telling the public, or is there some other magic going on?

Or, is this simply marketing hype by someone coming late to the table, and 
they "forgot" to add the asterisk about requiring a Blu-Ray drive?

I'm betting on the latter.
Terry, WB4JFI

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