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Sat Sep 22 22:04:39 CDT 2012

For example:  kismac, netstumbler, istumbler?  These may be too basic?

google: "wardriving"

William w3qx

At 10:33 PM -0400 9/22/12, Andre Kesteloot wrote:
>Several of us here at TACOS Galactic 
>Headquarters (i.e., Frank K0BRA, Bill N4TS and 
>I) are currently experimenting with MSHH 
>Searching for a good --and free-  software to 
>explore the WiFi band, I have found the  Xirrus 
>WiFi Inspector,  which appears to work reliably 
>on my Win 7 laptop, and supplies quite a lot of 
>technical information. (see screen capture 
>André N4ICK
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