Satellite tracking Atlantic hurricanes is broken

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Thu Sep 27 18:55:33 CDT 2012

There have been instances in the past when ghe GOES-East bird went south and we borrowed a bird from EUMETSAT until we 
got one on location. (They've borrowed one of ours on occasion, too.) 

The linked article mentioned help from the Europeans, so something like that may be afoot this time as well. Have seen no news on he subject. 


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Just at hurricane season, when storms have been unusually strong, too. Hopefully it's some software glitch that might be turning some system on and off rapidly, but it may be a stabilizer wheel failure, or some such. Good thing there are other satellites that can provide some backup that can serve in the meantime, if not quite as well. 

Bob, WA3WDR 

On 9/27/2012 10:30 AM, Andre Kesteloot wrote: 

Thought that some of AMRAD's space-focussed people might be interested... 

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