Idle Wind Turbines

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed Oct 10 00:02:06 CDT 2012


 From time to time I have traveled I70 across Kansas and have noted over 
several years a large number of these modern windmills as I have passed 
Salina Kansas going West.  It is a really large number.  Several years 
ago almost every one was turning and presumably generating electricity 
to put on the grid.

This year it seemed many were idle, perhaps 50% in some groups and 100% 
in one group.  Several months ago I heard T Boone Pickens comment he had 
lost his ass on his windmill investments.  I did a search and found that 
the great green source of energy many not be working out similar to the 
experience of T. Boone Pickens.

These things are tall and not always easily accessible for the large 
cranes needed for maintenance.  Owners/operators may be choosing not to 
fix them due to the expense and frequency of problems.  See

If you get a call to invest in this new technology you should hold onto 
your wallet until you understand what this is all about.  Several years 
ago T. Boone Pickens is not one to fall for a flim flam salesman so it 
must have looked pretty good before he wrote them a check.  Now he is 
having regrets.

Frank K0BRA

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