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Kees is part of the AQRP (Austin QRP) group that I mentioned in the Arduino 
presentation, and have mentioned here on tacos in the past.  I have several 
of his kits, they all work great.  The construction documents are not for 
the beginner, often it's just a parts layout and a parts list, or maybe some 
very simple additional documents.  Nowhere near a Heathkit style, but you 
can put everything together with a combination of the supplied material and 
the pictures on his web site.

One of his latest projects is to take the David Brainerd bandpass filter, 
and set it up for small torroids in addition to surface mount inductors. 
His 20W amp is also pretty popular with the AQRP crowd.

And, his prices are consistently reasonable in my opinion.
Terry, WB4JFI

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