Re: ‘Invisibility’ could be a key to better electronics - MIT News Office

Phil philmt59 at
Sat Oct 13 12:08:47 CDT 2012

This is a ridiculous idea. Fancy wasting good research money on something novel and innovative that only "may" have useful applications. Such limited funds should only be spent on blue-sky research that guarantees results, e.g. certain fusion power generation or definite improvements to nuclear weaponry. Or at least long-distance Wi-Fi that disrupts the enemy's use of GPS.

Phil M1GWZ

On 13 Oct 2012, at 16:01, Richard O'Neill wrote:

> On 10/13/2012 10:11 AM, Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Hmmm, upon further thought this could have applications in Europe's magnetic - confinement fusion torus experiment.
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