The flight deck of the Discovery

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It is a little known fact that, while caffeine consumption is still
"strongly recommended" for the PIC on commercial flights, back before
the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 periodic doses of nicotine were
actually required for military and civilian test pilots.

Much like the return the the meatball (after years of the much-reviled
NASA Noodle), the inclusion of ashtrays in the Shuttle is a nod to the
golden days of aviation.


Chip Fetrow <tacos at> writes:

> I hope you are joking.
> Some astronauts, very early in the program did smoke.  NO ONE has been
> allowed to smoke in flight.  NEVER.
> --chip
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>> No cup holder, but I did spot three ash trays.  It's amazing what has
>> changed in a few decades.  ;)
>> -Tad
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