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Almost everyone that has sat at the tacos table has met Zac, KJ4BXT, one 
time or another.  He brought in his experimental home brew amplifier 
last year seeking any good advice.  I am sure he got lots from around 
the table.

Zac has been working at my lab over the summer on several projects. One 
project has been the restoration of an early McIntosh amplifier.

Zac found there were a number of changes to the amplifier and worked to 
rewire it to match the schematic in the Sam's Photofact.  All the 
capacitors were from 1954 so we ordered new film capacitors to replace 
them.  Once going the amplifier was tested with a distortion meter and 
dummy load.  Vacuum tubes were swapped out to get the best performance.  
The potentiometers were replaced with new ones.

Zac took the amplifier home and did some serious monophonic testing see 
if the amplifier was really as great as the legend.  It was.

He used his camera and took pictures that were great and they are used 
in the eBay listing.

We have listed it on eBay and we shall see how much this will bring.  
Past amplifiers like this have brought some very serious money.   Go to 
eBay and search for item number 140870029206.

Frank K0BRA

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