Resistance Value?

Phil philmt59 at
Thu Oct 25 18:52:20 CDT 2012

Hmmm… it works for all the examples I've tried so far, i.e. any two points appear to be separated by n shortest routes each of n one-ohm resistors in series.

If I am wrong, does my prize get busted down to a half-ohm resistor? Meanwhile, can anyone spare me an infinite number of perfect one-ohm resistors so that I can do the experiment?

BTW Richard, do you have a better proof than mine?

Phil M1GWZ

On 26 Oct 2012, at 00:38, Richard O'Neill wrote:

> Interesting speculation, but the answer to your question is - no. :'(
> Richard
> On 10/25/2012 7:26 PM, Phil wrote:
>> I haven't checked exhaustively but I suspect that by similar reasoning of series / parallel resistance, the resistance between ANY two points on the grid is one ohm. Yes? Phil M1GWZ
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